Our Commitment

Our commitment is to share our passion for high quality wines with our customers while providing friendly, knowledgable customer service.

Why choose us?

The wine kit industry isn’t what it used to be. Today you can come to our store and shop through a large selection of award winning wine kits to make.

Our fermentation vessels are state of the art and designed specifically for the fermentation process. When using this method it allows the wine to ferment properly with never having been disturbed. Then end result–a high quality, better tasting wine!

The quality of the water used will also affect the taste of the win. at UnCorked we only use what we consider to be the best and that is Reverse Osmosis water. This guarantees the best possible flavour for your wine. It’s that simple, better water–better wine!

How do we do it so cheap?

Simply put wine is made from grapes and grapes aren’t all that expensive.

  • The first step in the savings process is by bottling your own wine you instantly save on the taxes!
  • Secondly, by making and aging your wine at our place you’re saving on the commercial wineries storage and operational costs.
  • Lastly you avoid the Retail Market up charges we all love to hate.

Joanne Hoogendoorn-Owner

Meet Joanne! With years of fermentation knowledge under her belt she will be able to guide you towards creating your next favourite glass of wine.